When making fun of devops backfires

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing with puppet-dashboard, and after deploying it spotted and patched over a few small niggles.

After I sent a couple of fixes upstream I figured that if I was going to send any more patches I should do it properly and send supporting testcases too. Unfortunately (for me) the test suite is in RSpec was just so alien to me that I stalled. I mentioned that I’d found it hard to use to Dean in passing, to which his comeback was:

rspec.should be.better :designed?yes

Not to be outdone, I tried to out-trendy him, and so my reply was:

Feature: Writing haikus
  In order to be as be cool and hip
  As a programmer
  I have to pretend I'm writing haiku
  And call it devops

  Scenario: Writing a haiku
    Given I am a twat
    And I love the sound of my own voice
    When I order coffee
    Then it will have sprinkles and a long fucking name

  Scenario: Taking the piss
    Given I am angry
    And I thought cucumber was silly
    When it comes out quite well
    Then I feel let down

And in doing so I think I’ve accidentally sold myself on playing with cucumber-nagios. Whoops.