Obligatory meta first post

Not that it should matter, but this blog is running under Bryar. There is, as you can see, a very small tale of woe to go with that.

A friend of mine suggested I get to the blogging again, presumably rather than just unloading my brain in his direction. Eventually I buckled and installed wordpress because the last thing I needed was the effort or or distraction of maintaining a blogging platform to suck the time up.

Then I upgraded my box from etch to lenny, and the php4-mysql package got conflicted out taking wordpress down with it before I even got going (the upgrade ate my homework).

So of course, I decided to install something that’d cope with flat files at the backend, maybe be written in perl in case of dire emergency, but still nothing I had to write or understand that much to use. Guess what, that didn’t go well either. Burned about a week of time, and about two weeks of good intentions in trying to make Angerwhale install.

Going back to my friend with my tale of woe he just suggested I cut the knot and run bloxsom, which rang bells, not least because I remembered that Simon had written Bryar as a more modular replacement.

It installed quickly and cleanly.

It worked.

So of course I had to hack on it (probably on CPAN in due course)


Going to be a couple more entries to queue up, and some html mangling, before I officially abandon the idea again, so watch the RSS I guess.